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Why B2B?

Business data exchange via the internet will continue to develop as technologies on the internet evolve, and that evolution seems to be knocking on the Flooring Industry's door. It helps to recall the notion of B2B or EDI is not earth-shattering news, and that business and industry of all kinds have benefited from this technology for some time.

Flooring Industry companies, from contractors, to software vendors, to manufacturers are all working together to create Flooring Industry B2B standards, which will allow companies large and small to take advantage of the cost benefits B2B technologies offer.

B2B technology has shed light on three important concepts. First, it has encouraged the use of open standards, available for implementation by anyone who is interested. Second, the internet is the largest network accessible around the globe and possibly the one network accessible by the widest variety of computers. And third, B2B technology is not only the future, it has been functioning effectively in the present for quite some time. It is only logical the Flooring Industry embrace his opportunity now; watch and learn what the standards are, how you can integrate them with your trade partners, and above all maintain a flexible organization so you can respond to the changes you observe.

Electronic transaction exchange, B2B, and technology are changing the shape of competition, the dynamics of the customer relationship, the speed of fulfillment, and the nature of leadership. The sooner companies embrace the practice of using B2B in their businesses, the faster they can realize the benefits it has to offer.

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